GN Netcom

Manufacture of hardware and noise-cancelling technology for headsets.


For GN Netcom, Qutron has manufactured hardware and noise-cancelling technology for headsets.

At GN Netcom that produced hearing aids there has always been a focus on design and creating innovative solutions that give customers the best experience of GN Netcom products.

Sound affects us more than we know. As one of our five senses hearing is critical to our ability to communicate, understand and feel the world around us. To work efficiently and cooperate seamlessly with colleagues. To live and enjoy life to the fullest.

In the development of the new headset, GN Netcom lacked the necessary competencies in designing, developing and producing noise reduction according to strict specifications. Upon recommendation, they contacted Qutron, who was then responsible for developing a noise-cancelling filter for headsets that live up to the strict design and quality requirements from GN Netcom.

Qutron was also responsible for drafting the required documentation.

Volvo Trouble shooting – sparring

Sparring partner for new environmentally-sound projects.


Qutron is Automotive sparring partner for new environmentally-sound projects. When producing cars, Volvo has always had the goal to create unique design and care for people. Generally, Volvo puts people first, challenges the convention, and follow new paths.

To assist in this work, Volvo contacted Qutron in order to take advantage of the creative opportunities and benefits in the production context.



Scania often use Qutron to help detect errors on electronic components. Or, in the event they have reached a deadlock Qutron will be used as a sparring partner and problem solver.



Qutron is a sparring partner in the development of electric cars and re-design of existing products and components. It is Qutron’s neutral and completely independent role as advisor, that provides a unique and stimulating cooperation, where both parties get a profitable and innovative result.


Rådgivning, udvikling og kontrol i forbindelse med energibesparelsestiltag.


COOP has a an overall objective to save 20 percent of energy by 2020. With the help of Qutron, COOP is well on its way to meet the goal.

Qutron has provided advice and control of suppliers. In addition, Qutron has developed production-ready drivers that can control LED without the use of transformers.

At the same time, Qutron’s technology helps COOP to comply with the global climate goal to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution in general. In addition, the energy-saving measures offer economic benefits for COOP.


Energy consumption in Fakta reduced with more than 62%.


The big investments are well spent – for both the customers and the economy. In addition to the energy-saving LED light that provides a better customer experience, the stores also save a lot of money on power. Eg. the consumption in Fakta in Pandrup has dropped from almost 4 kWh to 1.5 kWh per day after they installed the new LED light. This gives a saving of over 62%.

There are significant savings on electricity consumption in all stores that have installed new meters and lights.

Overall, COOP’s goal is to cut 55 million DKK of the total energy bill in 2020 compared to 2014. Thus, this is only the beginning of major energy savings and a fulfillment of Coop’s overall plan to save 20 % on energy in 2020.

Skandinavisk Tobacco

Development of hardware and vision system


For Scandinavian Tobacco, Qutron, Ole Magleby Gudmand-Høyer, has produced hardware and vision systems that optimize and automate the production process in the manufacture of cigarettes. At Scandinavian Tobacco, which produced cigarettes in Søborg, there has always been a focus on creating innovative solutions that enable optimization of operations in the production process.

For the production of cigarettes, Qutron developed vision and weighing systems and software so that all cigarettes had the proper weight and appearance.

In developing the new weighing and vision system, Scandinavian Tobacco lacked the necessary competencies in programming and process management – and, upon recommendation, they contacted Ole Magleby, who was then responsible for developing the production steps that could optimize the operation. At the same time, Qutron was also responsible for drafting the required documentation.